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We're a registered charity and demonstration centre, committed to finding and promoting practical solutions to today's sustainability challenges.

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Our Programs

With a long history of initiating innovative projects and creating engaging educational programming, FBC always has something great on the go!

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Upcoming Events

We host a range of events, from community workshops to charity runs, and many more. Find an event near you or check out what's happening at our site in Glassville!

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From the Archives: Barn Swallows

From the June 2016 Newsletter, by Julie Dyer (former Biodiversity Apprentice, student at Dalhousie University) Barn Swallows are aerial insectivores – birds that feed on flying insects. This group of birds (which includes swifts, swallows, flycatchers, and goatsuckers) is experiencing alarming population declines across Canada, and are particularly severe in northeastern North America. Barn Swallows […]

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RE Workshops

Renewable Energy Workshops

Looking for some February Fun? We’re hosting two *FREE* renewable energy workshops at our satellite office in The Ville Cooperative in partnership with the Fredericton Makerspace!  Energy Efficiency – February 9, 6-7pm We’ll be going over some basic things like checking appliance energy usage, phantom loads, etc. before doing a talk about insulation and how […]

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From The Archive: Why Do We Need Wetlands?

From the June 2016 Newsletter, by Julie Dyer (former Biodiversity Apprentice, student at Dalhousie University) A wetland is a low-lying area of land, covered by water long enough to support aquatic plants and wildlife for at least part of their life cycle. Wetlands are highly diverse, productive ecosystems that provide a host of ecological services […]

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Our Favourite Cold-Weather Reads

It’s January in New Brunswick, which means snow, snow, and – you guessed it – more snow. While you’re cozying up to your wood stove with woolly socks and a hot cup of something, we’re serving up a selection of our favourite things to read at the end of a long winter day! Afton’s Picks  Permaculture by Sepp […]

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