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9th Annual Free School

9th Annual Free School Schedule

We’re gearing up for our 9th Annual Free School event! Taking place August 18-20th, 2017 at our demonstration site in Glassville, NB.

Every summer, we hold our annual Free School. It isn’t really school at all, but rather an alternative approach to classroom education, focused on communal and participatory learning that encourages everyone to adopt the role of both teacher and student. FBC provides a forum for community members from diverse backgrounds to both teach and learn in a space that fosters open communication, innovation, and a hands-on, hard-skills culture. At our beautiful demonstration site in West Glassville, New Brunswick, we host over 250 participants each year! Free School will kick off with a concert on August 18th featuring New Brunswick talent. While the event itself is free of charge, camping is $15 per night.


On August 19th, we’ll be hosting a jam-packed schedule of educational and entertaining workshops by artisans, teachers, experts, and enthusiastic hobbyists. If there’s a craft or a trade you’ve been dying to try, a new technique you want to practice, or a skill you wish you could acquire, this festival is for you. There will also be plenty of activities to keep the kids busy too! We’ll cap off the days with local concert series’ featuring talented performers and our headlining musical acts: Dave Denny, The Gary Sappier Acoustic Duo, and Beauty and the Beats!

Campers and festival-goers are welcome to join us for breakfast on Sunday morning before departing with a wealth of wisdom and a full heart.

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