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Board of Directors

Charlotte Flores

Executive Director

Charlotte Flores joined the staff of Falls Brook Centre in 2016 as the Education Coordinator. After years as a classroom teacher in the United States and living in warm and exotic places, she returned to New Brunswick with her family. In 2018, she became the Executive Director of FBC and continues to share the vision of thriving local communities. In her current role she continues to work in the classroom bringing curriculum-linked STEM lessons focused on environmental topics, leads community workshops, and sits as chair of the NBEN steering committee.

Meagan Betts


Meagan Betts has been with FBC since 2018. Since joining the board Meagan has served as a general board member, secretary, and is currently the Co-Chair.

Meagan has a passion for sustainable communities, food security, environmental education, and land reclamation. Meagan has nearly a decade of experience working with a variety of governmental agencies and non governmental organizations on environmental issues. 

While completing her undergraduate degree, Meagan was awarded the New Brunswick Environmental Leadership award from the Minister of Environment for her work on various community based projects. Currently, Meagan is developing an expertise in land reclamation while completing her Master of Science in Forestry.

Meagan appreciates all of the community support she’s received throughout her education. Meagan gives back to the community through volunteering and sharing the knowledge she’s gained from her professional and academic experiences to improve environmental conditions and awareness.

Rebecca Boone


Rebecca Boone recently joined FBC and is currently our Co-Chair of the board. Rebecca currently works full time at Science East as the Early Childhood & Programs Coordinator. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education from St. Thomas University.

Rebecca has a passion for teaching youth in engaging, hands-on ways that speak to the needs of the communities they live in. As a long time Envirothon participant and advisor, Rebecca has environmental education experience and encourages youth to engage with the world around them.

Bethany Goodine


Bethany Goodine joined the FBC Board recently and is the secretary for the board. Bethany was eager to join the board as she believes teaching New Brunswick’s youth and adults alike about its environment is the best way to create better stewards of the land and get more people involved in the fields of natural resources.

Bethany is currently employed as a Forest Ranger with the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources – Energy Development. Her professional interests include wildfire, wildlife, and GIS. After completing her diploma from the Maritime College of Forest Technology in 2017, she returned to the University of New Brunswick in January 2018 where she completed a Bachelor of Science in Environment of Natural Resources, majoring in Wildlife Conservation.

Daniel Merrill


Daniel Merrill has been with FBC for two years now, one year as a general member, and began 2020 as treasurer. He has been in the banking industry for over 10 years, with accreditations from Canadian Securities Institute in Financial Planning, and holds a mutual funds license from the Investment Funds of Canada Institute.

Daniel currently provides service and advice for personal and business clients in the greater Fredericton area with Royal Bank of Canada. Academically he holds a Master’s of Environmental Management from the University of New Brunswick, and Bachelor of Science degree with a major in biology, also from UNB. He has worked with private and public entities in North America on microbial and hygiene monitoring in various applications such as water treatment and distribution, wastewater treatment, oil and gas, and industrial fluids.

He came to FBC to continue his passion in the environment, education, and the community.        

Nicholas Dowling

General Board Member

Nick is an automotive Engineer in Training (EIT) with a Bachelor’s Degree in mechanical engineering and a passion for innovative technology. He has spent the last half decade inside and outside of academia, developing technical and soft skills to leave his mark on the automotive industry. This includes building cars, reviving and transitioning his university’s Formula SAE team to electric, and prototyping new ideas. Nick has a demonstrated history of developing and implementing strategies primarily aimed at efficient growth and expansion.

Matt MacPherson

General Board Member

An accountant by day and beekeeper all other times.  A life almost as exciting as Bruce Wayne himself.  Matt finished his college degree in Accounting, Payroll and Business Administration, along with his PCP designation in 2009 and achieved his CPM designation in the summer of 2020.  He has over 10 years of experience working with small businesses in and around New Brunswick’s capital.

In 2017 Matt and his wife began what would become MacPherson’s Natural Bee Apiary, a family business in Upper Tracy, NB.  He and his wife now house 8 hives on their property and continue to sustainably expand those in their care.  Their products can be found in many stores around our province for any to enjoy.  When it is too cold for bees, Matt and his wife are boiling a Canadian favorite down to a sweet syrup.  This year they introduced a number of chickens to their homestead and happy supply those in the community with fresh eggs.

Matt joined the Falls Brook team in 2018 and brings his experience in accounting, business, and a passion for sustainable living to the diverse board of Falls Brook.

Kaity Harquail

General Board Member

Kaity Harquail is a recent graduate from the ForEM Faculty with a Bachelor of Science in Environment and Natural Resources, with a major in Wildlife Conservation. Within the Faculty she was the ForEM Society president for two years and is passionate about student advocacy. She has academic interest in animal behaviour and communication and plans on returning to school next year to continue her education with a Master’s degree. Kaity also has a history in graphic design and social media marketing.

Kali Furlong

General Board Member

Kali Furlong holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science, specializing in Psychology and Chemistry. She currently works full time at Science East, focusing on in-person and virtual educational programming that engages grades 3-12 with STEM.

Kali is also a general board member and educator for Technovation Girls NB, an international competition that provides girls with the opportunity to create an app that solves a problem in their community while gaining skills in entrepreneurship, technology, and community awareness.

Kali recently joined FBC because she is driven by a passion for immersive educational experiences, community engagement, and environmental awareness. She brings her experience in online branding, virtual engagement, and inquiry-based STEM education to the team.