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What is FBC?

Falls Brook Centre is an education-based environmental non-profit and registered charity that works to foster thriving local communities by educating and inspiring people to adopt environmentally sound practices. Through partnerships, recreation, and education that supports the creation of a balanced and sustainable way of life, FBC seeks to explore and promote practical solutions to today’s environmental, social, and economic challenges.


The founding of Falls Brook Centre was inspired by the United Nations Environment Programme and the goals set out at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. Since then, Falls Brook has worked towards sustainable environmental goals through education in rural New Brunswick communities. Falls Brook has fostered a strong relationship with Ducks Unlimited, including partnerships with their field trips, summer camps, and other initiatives. In 2018, FBC moved offices into Ducks Unlimited in Fredericton, New Brunswick. This central location allows Falls Brook Centre to be available to all rural communities in New Brunswick and focus on education initiatives. 

At FBC, we strive to put our values into practice. We strive to demonstrate positive contributions to local communities and economies while reducing human impact on the environment. Our education programs aim to enable the transition to a sustainable future.


Connect, Educate, Inspire


Foster a strong relationship between communities and the environment through education.

Guiding Principles

We have a demonstrated commitment to sustainability. Every decision made by Falls Brook Centre moves us closer to being socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable.

We are enthusiastic, passionate professionals. We use proven expertise and tools to promote practical solutions to problems in our four focus areas: local food, renewable energy, biodiversity, and thriving communities.

We are innovative. We use experimentation and creativity to identify best solutions and new projects.

We celebrate and share nature’s beauty. We promote the union of sustainable and efficient technologies with the beauty and magic of nature.

We are welcoming. We strive to be open and accessible to all staff members, workshop participants and visitors.

We focus on community-based solutions. Our initiatives are relevant for urban and rural citizens.

We consider financial visibility to be critical. We maintain a balanced portfolio of programs that enable us to generate a modest surplus to invest in our future. You can find more information on our Financial Information page.