Falls Brook Festival; Community Roots

*Save the date! Falls Brook Festival; Community Roots runs July 13-15th in Officers Square, Fredericton.

What is the Falls Brook Festival?

At FBC, we believe that everyone has something to teach and we all have a lot to learn!

For the past 9 summers, we have held our annual Free School in Glassville and Knowlesville, a weekend festival focused on communal and participatory learning that encourages everyone to adopt the role of both teacher and student. This year, we are keeping the spirit of Free School in our Falls Brook Festival; Community Roots, being held in Officers Square in Fredericton on July 13-15th. And also in the spirit of Free School, it is still free to attend and it is still community-driven where members of the public share their skills and knowledge in workshops, talks or guided walks.

FBC provides a forum for community members from diverse backgrounds to both teach and learn in a space that fosters open communication, innovation, and a hands-on, hard-skills culture.

Want to submit a workshop, talk or walk on a particular topic? Register here!

Want to let us know you’re coming? Register here!

What can I expect to see/hear/do?

The Falls Brook Festival will kick off with a concert on July 13th featuring local talent from Roots & Soul Music Productions. Check out their website here for a glimpse of what they have to offer, including their own music festival, Living Roots. Are you in Fredericton on Thursday 12th too? The Garrison Night Market will be bustling with local artists, vendors and musical acts as well!

On July 14th check out a jam-packed schedule of educational and entertaining workshops by artisans, teachers, experts, and enthusiastic hobbyists. If there’s a craft or a trade you’ve been dying to try, a new technique you want to practice, or a skill you wish you could acquire, this festival is for you. There will be plenty of activities to keep the kids busy too! Local vendors and artists will help you support the local economy with their wares and local food-trucks will answer the call of hunger. Feel like a cool drink? Graystone Brewing will be on hand with their delicious products as well*. More local music acts from Roots & Soul Productions will ease us into the Saturday evening before the City of Fredericton’s Under the Stars film series shows the ground-breaking classic “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

More fun and intriguing workshops will offered on Sunday 15th, up until 2pm. Details on all workshops to follow, all free.

As the Festival approaches we will post a list of workshops and music acts here in advance, for you to plan out your weekend. Keep an eye on our FaceBook page for teasers!

So whether you’ve been to Free School before or if you’re completely new to the experience, we’d love to see you at Officer’s Square on July 13th-15th! And did we mention that the whole weekend is still free to attend?

*19+ only and Graystone Brewing staff reserve the right to refuse service on an individual basis. What, you expected otherwise?





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