Annual Salmon Run

As of 2016, Falls Brook Centre has hosted an annual fundraising run to help support new programming that re-engages youth with salmon conservation.

salmonEvery summer, Atlantic salmon return to their natal freshwater streams to spawn. New Brunswick is home to many of these nursery streams, and salmon are an integral part of our province’s culture. However, as we become more disconnected from our environment, this species may become a fond memory. Populations have crashed and salmon habitat has been destroyed. In order to protect the salmon and their habitat in the future, we need to appeal to New Brunswick’s youth. Falls Brook Centre has a long history of delivering environmental education programming to youth across the Maritimes, and we feel that it is important to use our skills and experience to help protect this vital species.

Our Annual Salmon Run raises funds to support educational programming that re-connects New Brunswick youth with salmon conservation efforts.

Thank You For a Great Salmon Run!

We at Falls Brook Centre want to thank our partners, supporters and runners for contributing to our 2017 5 km and 10 km Salmon Run which ran on July 16th along the banks of the Nashwaak River.

We went back to basics this year and we were rewarded with over $700 to put towards our educational programs. That equates to including another class in our winter programming so well done everybody!

It couldn’t have happened without the dedication and hard work of Education Coordinator Charlotte Flores and Education Intern Brianna Heppell. It also would not have been such a success without the support and contributions of our partners and friends who made such a fun, bustling atmosphere on the day. And not to forget our runners who made such great showings!

We had a great time delivering the 2017 Salmon Run and are looking forward to taking on the 2018 Salmon Run, absorbing the lessons learned to make it bigger and better in the years to come.

So from all of us at Falls Brook Centre to all of you who helped make it a success


And see you next year.

Afton Conneely,

Executive Director of Falls Brook Centre


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