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Falls Brook Centre and UNB Go to Odell

Executive Director Falls Brook Centre Afton Conneely

For the first time, Falls Brook Centre (FBC) goes to University New Brunswick (UNB) to share knowledge on forest and water systems for undergraduate students. Executive Director Afton Conneely says, “I’m going to give an immerse talk at Odell Park to students of the bridging biology course. This is been set-up with Mi’kmaq-Wolastoqey Centre at UNB. The point of this particular immerse walk is to show an integrated forest system and water system, and how these 2 systems impact human habitat”.

Furthermore, Afton who has background in microbiology explains that the demonstrative activity is to take the students to different places in Odell park and to show them different aspects of that forest system and how the different elements interplay to create a thriving system.

This first time collaboration with the Mi’kmaq-Wolastoqey Centre at UNB, especially in interactive format with the students means a lot to FBC. “It shows FBC’s contribution in sharing of knowledge on perennial systems, on a natural system that provides multitude of outputs that have great benefits to human beings. This is the point of FBC as an educational charity; It’s about knowledge sharing, showing how there are different ways to look at the world”, she elaborates. If we only see the forest system through an economic point of view, she adds, humans will lose sight of so much that the forest actually gives us.

Odell Park, Fredericton, NB in fall

Therefore the activity yesterday morning (Thursday, October 12, 2017) with almost 15 undergraduate students at Odell Park was give them some of the knowledge of patterns that makes the whole system jump-out as a whole.

From this learning activity at one of Canada’s best old growth forests within the heart of Fredericton, FBC hopes for more collaboration with UNB. As Afton says, “I’m hoping for more collaboration. When UNB sees the value of these kinds of interactive, demonstrative talks and workshops, I’m hoping to have a closer relationship with UNB as a result“. In addition to that, for the students, no matter what main degree they go with, she hopes they can bring this view of natural systems into their working life to positively benefit the environment that we rely on.

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