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Falls Brook Centre Visited “A Little Forest” of Save a (Native) Plant Nursery

On a sunny afternoon 2 days ago, Falls Brook Centre visited the “little forest” of David Smith’s Save a (Native) Plant nursery. The front of his house at 16 Fletcher Court, Fredericton looks lush with variety of plants. A warm welcome from him with sincere smiles offering us water, “a bottle of water?” Then he back with 3 bottles of water and lead us to his back yard garden.

He gave us a tour of his garden and begun to explain with the place where it used to be a lawn. About 20 years ago, he started his project to transform the lawn into a garden with native plants.   Now it has become a little forest where all kinds of plants grow side-by-side, self-seed and sprout in unexpected places. It is gorgeously layered and full with a variety of plants; trees, flowers and fruits, and even an old sewing machine as a garden decorator!

David who has a background in Horticulture said,” I like to have the vegetative plants in my garden. Just because they fit with the size of my back yard” Furthermore he explained that most of his plants are native plants, planted out along together with non-native plants. “Native plants are not aggressive,” he said “Non-native plants can out-compete them, that’s why invasive plants are such an issue.” Then he showed us where he planted out Sweet Gail, (a beautifully smelling bush) side by side with an apple tree. What happens to those plants in winter time? “They are gone. But when spring comes back, they are back. Resurrection!” he exclaimed in delight.


The hour to tour to his garden just fly by and we left with having learned many things about growing native species in green spaces and the survival of these important plants. Moreover, we are going to plant out some native plants from Save a (Native) Plant Nursery in our demonstration site, using them in our upcoming conversions of apple trees to apple tree guilds (Interested? Keep an eye out for the article coming soon!).

Save a (Native) Plant nursery is filling a vitally important niche by making native plants and varieties available for people to purchase and upgrade their properties. Native plants and especially native perennials are easy to care for and require little in the way of regular maintenance. They are also obviously very well suited to our climate and pollinator cycles. So the next time you have a plan for your garden, or are overhauling your landscaping scheme, why not take a leaf out of our book and pay a visit to David and Save a (Native) Plant at 16 Fletcher Court to see what beautiful possibilities native plants can provide.

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