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Falls Brook Centre (FBC) is a demonstration centre and registered charity that works to foster thriving local communities by educating and inspiring people to adopt environmentally sound practices. Through partnerships, recreation, and education that support the creation of a balanced, sustainable way of life, FBC seeks to explore and promote practical solutions to today’s environmental and socio-economic challenges. FBC is seeking dedicated and enthusiastic individuals, who are committed to assisting FBC achieve its goals, to serve on our Board of Directors.

Board membership requires commitment, leadership, decision-making, and integrity. It is a rewarding experience that allows members to gain new insights and develop new skills that will aid them in future endeavours. Board members are expected to participate in Board meetings (usually held four times a year, alternately at the Glassville Demonstration Site or the  Fredericton Satellite Office at the Ville), to participate in at least one Board committee, and to engage in generating revenue (from fundraising, sponsorships, memberships, and services) on behalf of the organization.

Ideal candidates will be trained professionals with fundraising and/or previous board experience, who possess a strong interest in the promotion and development of sustainable communities and practices. Previous experience in the not-for-profit sector or with other registered charities is an asset.

Interested individuals may apply  by submitting an expression of interest and a copy of their resume to our Executive Director. The Board of Directors will vote to accept applicants at the next Board meeting, and applicants will be notified of their success via email shortly thereafter.

New Board members can stand for election to official positions at the Annual General Meeting, normally held during the spring quarter.

We are always looking for talented and passionate individuals to work with! If you’d like to collaborate on or initiate a project with us, please contact us.

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