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Great times on a wet weekend at 9th Annual Free School

On a wet weekend, people still chose to come out to enjoy fun learning at 9th Annual Free School. The event kicked-off at 7 pm, on Friday August 18 with Dave Denny Acoustic performance and group jam sessions. Evidently Max Mathies, Energy Coordinator of Falls Brook Centre has a talent in playing the guitar and he collaborated in the jam sessions with Dave Denny, presenting entertaining live music in the rain.

On the next morning, on Saturday, some attendants preferred to warm themselves up with Irish ceili dancing in the house. “I had a great time,” the instructor of Irish ceili dancing Patty Hudson responds with a big smile to Executive Director of Falls Brook Centre Afton Conneely.  So it is with Joel Flores, one of the attendants who participated in workshop titled Fly Fishing Casting, Upcycling Cat Tower, and            Making Sleeping Mats from Plastic Bags. He says,” I had a great time and great learning. My kids also had a great time”.

Some preferred to enjoy being outdoors even in a wet day, walking through Gary’s Wetland Trail with Munna Cleland in Nature Walk & Herb Identification. In the afternoon, a group of people choose to go into the wood for Shelter Building 101, an essential skill at any time, though the weather probably drew an emphasis in the participant’s minds for the times in the woods when a warm house was not a few hundred metres away!

We are so glad and happy in knowing that everyone was enjoying the activities, learning something new, and making new friends! Especially with the momentum of the Canada 150 celebrations, Falls Brook Centre wants to substantiate our mission in inspiring people to work together, using environmentally sound practices to create thriving local communities. Therefore we give a big Thank You! to everyone who participated in this event, and took part in sharing the knowledge and skills. The joy, the sharing knowledge, and the interaction made the wet weekend became warm. Furthermore, it charged us with new ideas for next year; the 10th Annual Free School!

For more photos of 9th Annual Free School please go to Facebook Page album

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