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Hands-on Learning with Eco-minded Initiatives at Eco Citizen Club

This fall, education program through Eco Citizen Club (ECC) is back! ECC will start on 2nd week of October and will be finishing-off in March, 2017. In this program, our Education Coordinator Charlotte Flores and Environmental Education Intern Nikole Watson will work with the class.

The education program is based on Provincial curriculum for lesson and hands-on activities. It also means that the education program through Eco Citizen Club is for supporting the school curriculum and hands-on learning. Last year in Life Science learning, for example, children had been taught in growing a plant from a seed.

As the organisation was created in Glassville and our demonstration site is also located in Glassville, therefore we want to keep this valuable relationship by focusing this education program in Carleton County.  4 schools in Carleton County has been participating in ECC since the first time the program was launched. They are John Caldwell Elementary School, Perth-Andover Elementary School, Perth-Andover Middle School, and Centreville Community School.

Since ECC has been delivered many years, we are expecting to have 2 schools more in the program. Education Coordinator of Falls Brook Centre Charlotte Flores says, ”this year, we hope that we can have 2 schools more in participating in the program. So far, one school in Florenceville-Bristol will be participating in ECC”.

Why create an Eco Citizen Club? It gives students a unique opportunity to lead eco-minded initiatives throughout the school year. They will be provided with resources and group activities, but are also encouraged to come up with projects that they are passionate about. They will take their enviro-messages out into their communities, seeking to make an informed, positive impact on the environment.

Meanwhile how many times in a week FBC will be giving a support in a class? “It’s a funding wise,” Charlotte answers. Furthermore she explains that FBC will be in the classroom by weekly. Then the week that FBC is not in the class, will be using it for providing the teachers with resources to teach.

To mark ECC, we will be hosting Fall Festival on Thursday October 19th at Andover Elementary School, 9 School St, Perth-Andover, New Brunswick. In this festival, students in grade 3 – grade 8 who are participating for their school’s ECC will come together with other schools and learn about the Eco Star Challenge. Together they will play games, get to know one another, and gain insight and inspiration on themes such as renewable energy, biodiversity, local food, community outreach and leadership. The focus is on fun, hands-on learning with a carnival flare!

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