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Nature Walks! Exploring 98 acre of Falls Brook Centre Demonstration Site

9th Annual Free School will take attendants to connect with nature through Nature Walks. Falls Brook Centre’s 98 acre demonstration site has much to offer exploring attendants during Free School. As Free School Committee Lead Max Mathies explains,” Free School attendants can enjoy and explore a number of trails through meadows, forests, and beside the Shiktehawk River, or even blaze their own trails! The trails consist of varying levels hiking difficulty, with something to challenge hikers and walkers of all levels of competence.”

In our demonstration site, in 426 West Glassville Road, Glassville, New Brunswick, attendants can discover The Edible Trail where the existing native edible species grow complimented with domestic edible fruits, nuts, and berries such as raspberries, currants, highbush cranberries, pear, apple, and hazelnut. Another trail will allow attendants to wander through our varied landscapes; through the pine plantation, around the wetland, across the field and back to the stream.

In short, Nature Walks is a recreational education which attendants will have an experience about the beauty of the nature and learn from it. Max says, “one of activities in Nature Walks will be Mushroom Identification. It will show you how to identify various types of edible mushrooms as well as identifying some of the poisonous look-a-likes.”

If you prefer to personalize your own discovery in our demonstration site, why not? Create your own Nature Walks, or you can be a part of thriving local communities by sharing your knowledge and expertise as a workshop presenter. Follow the link below to access the workshop registration form and submit your topic to grow and enhance this year’s Annual Free School.

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