Agriculture in the Classroom

by Holly Pacey (Education Coordinator) This past spring, Falls Brook Centre had the pleasure of delivering fun hands-on programming to a group of students in grades one and two at Centreville Community School. With 23 eager participants, we traveled each week for six weeks from our satellite office in Fredericton to teach the students about […]

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Loads of fun at Free School

This year marked FBC’s 8th Annual Free School, which took place on July 16th and 17th at our beautiful Glassville demonstration site. Free School isn’t really school at all, but rather an alternative approach to classroom education, focused on communal and participatory learning that encourages everyone to adopt the role of both teacher and student. We […]

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Project Webfoot, Part II: Habitats, Migration, and Wetlands – Oh My!

by Holly Pacey (Education Coordinator) This spring marked another year that FBC served as the facilitators for Ducks Unlimited’s Project Webfoot in Carleton County. Nine grade four classes joined us at our demonstration site over the course of three weeks to explore our onsite wetland, learn about the importance of environmental conservation, understand habitat restoration, […]

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The Salmon Run Went Swimmingly!

by Holly Pacey (Education Coordinator) There are a number of reasons why Falls Brook Centre decided to host a running event to raise awareness about salmon conservation. There is an incredible local running community and we have beautiful, accessible trails that weave through Fredericton. Furthermore, we wanted to showcase the beauty of the Nashwaak River, […]

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