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Pollinator Week: DIY Bee Houses

Building Your Own Bee House

On Saturday, June 17th, we hosted a Pollinator Garden Workshop at Kings Land Historical Settlement. During this workshop, we talked about designing your garden to supply many types of local pollinators with nectar and pollen through the seasons. The focus was on native plants that will thrive in our climate and look beautiful in the process. The workshop included tips for avoiding chemicals, providing shade and water, and setting an environment that will allow pollinators to thrive. We also demonstrated how to make your own milk carton bee houses (pictured below) – you can find out how to make your own bee house HERE.

5 Easy Ways You Can Help Save the Bees:

  1. Do not use pesticides, fungicides or herbicides on your plants or in your garden. These products will contaminate your plants and likely kill the bees. Make sure the plants you purchase are not pre-treated!
  2. Buy local and raw honey from local beekeepers! Check out your local farmers market so you can meet the beekeeper and ask about their sustainable beekeeping practices.
  3. Plant native and bee friendly plants. They provide great sources of nectar and pollen – great for both bees and butterflies!
  4. Keep the dandelions! They are an excellent source of food for bees and are often the only source of food for some insects.
  5. Install a small water basin for the bees to drink during the hot summer days. Put a few stones or a floating cork on the water so bees won’t drown.

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