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Falls Brook Centre promotes learning about our natural environment through sustainable education.

Falls Brook Centre believes that in order to best promote sustainability, we need to have an understanding and appreciation of our natural environment and how we interact with it. Our goal is to give students and teachers the resources they need to learn outdoors in any subject. Additionally, we strive to educate students about sustainability within the classroom setting, by providing curriculum-friendly workshops and teaching resources.

If there is something specific that you are looking for, we may be able create a personalized resource for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Business Goals for Education

To grow Eco Citizens program, broaden program with more grants, create more support for teachers, meet community needs, bring in more technology and teach people with the most up to date information possible.

Employees will continue to grow the Eco Citizens program by:

  1. Establishing and growing relationships with shareholders in the program. This will include teachers, principals, community coordinators, business people and local politicians. Clear and quick communication will be essential for building relationships and showing reliability.
  2. Researching the latest in both Environmental and Educational studies. Staff will join in to a “book club” reading, currently Drawdown edited by Paul Hawken, which expands this knowledge. They will also be expected to set time aside to read and familiarize themselves with teacher and environmental blogs. This helps to inspire the educational programming and keep current with pedagogy.
  3. Gain experience writing and developing lesson plans. We currently write lesson plans for each class with varying objectives and steps. We also revise these lessons to demonstrate the real world learning. Moving these to an online database is a goal to help expand the program.
  4. Being an advocate for the program at community events. This will require constant growth in public speaking and outreach.

Employees will broaden the program with more grants by:

  1. Getting experience researching and writing grants. Each step will be supported by a team member.

Employees will create more support for teachers by:

  1. Discussing the goals for each teacher in their individual classroom.
  2. Working with teachers to establish classroom management fluidity and steps to incorporate any individual education profiles.
  3. Keep current with curriculum outcomes, and education department focus.
  4. Establish an online, searchable lesson plan data base with additional support for classroom teachers.

Employees will meet community needs by:

  1. Developing new community workshops are a yearly goal for Falls Brook Centre. Employees will research new ideas, develop the step by step process, test the process, develop a model and then teach the workshop.
  2. Participate in community events, from garbage clean up, workshops, or community wide educational programs.

Employees will bring in more technology and teach people with the most up to date information possible by:

  1. Learning to expand our social media presence.
  2. Create an online database for lesson plans.
  3. Establish more educational technology in our programming.
  4. Research, keeping us looking forward to grow our impact.


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