On-site Demonstrations


FBC is a demonstration centre that aims to show members of the community what they can do to improve the sustainability of their own property.

If you have a community group, class, or club who would like to visit our site, please contact our Education Coordinator. We have set demonstrations that we offer, however we are also happy to customize one for your specific needs and interests.


FBC is developing projects to help improve the water quality in local and neighbouring watersheds, as well as demonstrating the environmental importance of wetlands.


We have designed a swale garden and restoration orchard in order to demonstrate permaculture techniques that rural (and urban!) homeowners could easily adopt.


At FBC, we’ve got a number of renewable energy initiatives on the go. Guests can learn how to replicate our Off-grid Composting Toilet system, investigate how we installed our Solar Photovoltaic system, or check out the results of our Energy Efficiency Retrofit. Additionally, we’ve built our own Solar Dehydrator – a straightforward prototype that can be reproduced in your own backyard!

We also host Community Workshops on a variety of sustainability topics – feel free to join us!

Local communities working together, to create and celebrate a world with strong relationships, a healthy natural environment, and vibrant local economies.