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Off-grid Composting Toilets


FBC has a composting toilet that is equipped with an off-grid photovoltaic (PV) solar system. The renewable energy equipment was salvaged from the Climate Change Bus and installed as part of a workshop held in June 2014. Features of this direct current (DC) system include:

  • six 6V panels (these forty-year-old panels originally operated at 50 watts and are currently operating at 40 watts, or 80% of their original capacity);
  • two 6V batteries; and,
  • a charge controller.



Over the summer of 2014, Biodiversity and Wetland Assistants researched and designed a phytoremediation project to treat grey water drainage from our Zero Waste compositing toilet system. Specific species were planted to employ natural filtration properties. Baseline soil testing was carried out and ongoing monitoring will continue to verify effectiveness.