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Vertical Axis Wind Turbine


On December 16, 2015, a Kohilo Quantum3 6 kilowatt vertical axis wind turbine was installed on the front lawn of our Fredericton satellite office at The Ville Cooperative. In partnership with Naveco Power, this wind turbine was acquired to demonstrate and promote emerging wind power technologies. It is the first vertical axis wind turbine of its kind to be tested in Canada. Falls Brook Centre will be responsible for monitoring the power output and success of this unit. We’ll be testing how it operates in New Brunswick’s winter climate.


From left to right: Peter Corbyn (Naveco Power), Alex Stocek (FBC), Gene Schoonmakerfranczek (Kohilo Wind), Amit Virmani (Naveco Power), Pat Jones (Kohilo Wind), Jeff MacFarlane (The Ville Cooperative), Ross Stevenson (ABBA Ventures), Sahil Chaini (FBC)

The wind turbine is scalable; multiple 3 kilowatt units can be stacked on top of one another to increase production, if necessary. A 6 kilowatt unit similar to the one we installed could provide enough power for one home – even two depending on consumption levels! You can find the technical specifications on Kohilo’s website.

Former Executive Director Marc Gionet believes that this wind turbine can contribute to teaching people “how renewable energy infrastructure can be economically, financially, socially and environmentally beneficial to the community we’re looking to serve”.

The installation was covered by CBC New Brunswick, the Daily Gleaner, and the Telegraph-Journal. For more information about this project, please contact our Renewable Energy Coordinator. You can also check out our Media Resources.

The wind turbine will be moved to our Glassville demonstration site, in time for its official unveiling during our 8th Annual Free School, on July 16, 2016. We hope to see you there!

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