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Naveco Power Introduces Advanced Renewable Energy Technology to New Brunswick



FREDERICTON, December 18, 2015—A new company in New Brunswick is bringing one of the most advanced wind turbines in the world to the province for its first Canadian demonstration. Fredericton-based Naveco Power unveiled the Kohilo Quantum3 6 kW vertical axis wind turbine to the public at The Ville Cooperative in Fredericton today.


From left to right: Peter Corbyn (Naveco Power), Alex Stocek (FBC), Gene Schoonmakerfranczek (Kohilo Wind), Amit Virmani (Naveco Power), Pat Jones (Kohilo Wind), Jeff MacFarlane (The Ville Cooperative), Ross Stevenson (ABBA Ventures), Sahil Chaini (FBC)

“New Brunswick has an opportunity to get ahead of the curve when it comes to renewable energy,” said Amit Virmani, CEO of Naveco Power. “The Paris climate change talks have brought the reality of our changing energy production needs into sharp focus. By leading in this growing sector, we can create jobs and opportunities in New Brunswick and secure our own renewable electricity production.”

Naveco Power was established to help develop small-scale renewable energy projects throughout New Brunswick. Earlier this year the New Brunswick government brought forward a “Locally-owned Renewable Energy Projects that are Small Scale” (LORESS) program to encourage the development of renewable energy projects. The province has set a target of generating 40 per cent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020.

Naveco Power is partnering with Falls Brook Centre, a sustainable community demonstration and training centre in West Glassville, New Brunswick, and The Ville Cooperative, which encourages healthy and sustainable living in the Fredericton area, to bring this demonstration of leading-edge renewable technology to Fredericton.


Marc Gionet, Executive Director of Falls Brook Centre, said that, “Falls Brook Centre has been focusing on sustainable community development for over twenty years. Partnering with Naveco Power to provide our expertise in community building and effective sustainable development is a proactive way to ensure renewable energy projects in the province are meeting not only financial, but also social and environmental objectives.”

“This is an exciting time for the Ville, a pivotal point  in the beginning of a new era,” said Jeff MacFarlane, Executive Director of The Ville Cooperative. “This is one of the first applications of our vision for community action on sustainable energy production and we look forward to many more in the coming days and months.

Naveco Power is committed to a triple bottom line – ensuring social, economic and environmental benefits. The company will work with not-for-profit organizations, municipalities, First Nations, NB Power and others in New Brunswick to establish local renewable energy projects.

Peter Corbyn, a longtime environmental and energy efficiency expert, is a senior advisor to Naveco. “This advanced wind turbine is an example of the rapid evolution of the renewable energy sector,” he said. “We see an opportunity to help establish small scale renewable energy generation projects throughout the province.”


About Naveco Power

Naveco Power is a New Brunswick-based company focused on developing small scale renewable energy projects. Find out more at


For Information: Amit Virmani //506-449-3314 or contact our Media and Promotions Coordinator. You can follow FBC and the wind turbine project here.