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To save a bat, Falls Brook Centre runs A Bat Box workshop July 29th

Based on data of The New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources (DNR), bat populations in the province are declining at a rapid rate due to white-nose syndrome. Some populations have decreased by more than 90 per cent. If these declines continue, the species may disappear from the region in the next 20 years. Citing news from CBC, researchers in Saint John explained, white nose fungus causes bats to wake up early from their winter hibernation. Too early for insects, they die of starvation and exposure while searching for food.

On why a bat is important to human life? Scientist explained the loss of bats could add billions of dollars to the cost of producing food since bats act as natural form of pest control. Bats prey on insects and insect populations can spike when the bats are gone. That can cause a loss in crops owing to the insects’ voracious appetites or because of an increase in pesticide use.

As one of Falls Brook Centre missions is as a leading education to inspire people to work together, we have organized a Bat Box workshop. Education Coordinator Charlotte Flores explains, “our bat box workshop basically teaches people how they can make their yard friendlier, why bats are important, and a guide about the bat box”. Due to the climate of Canada, creating a bat box is a challenge since bats like to hibernate in a warm den. To answer this, Charlotte says,” there are certain standards to make a bat box. A bat box is different based on where we live. We made our model to fit with our climate. For example; ours is painted black in order to retain the heat. The box should be faced to south and south east to get the most sunlight throughout the day and more will be learned during the workshop.”

For more details about a bat box and why bats are so important to human life, join the workshop on July 29, 2017!  We are delivering this workshop in partnership with Kings Landing in their beautiful historical property. So take the opportunity to learn about bats and spend the day in a living history museum, enjoying a window on the life of rural New Brunswick during 19th and early 20th century. For workshop registration please contact Kings Landing.

Interested in having a bat box in your yard? We can help you out by preparing it. Order a box from us for $60, 50% deposit required to confirm the order.



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