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We’re hiring summer students!

Are you an excited, independent student looking for a summer job that you can feel good about? We’d love to chat with you!

Do you know a young, enthusiastic and sustainability-focused individual? We’d like to hear from them!

We’re currently accepting applications for four summer positions: a Renewable Energy Apprentice, a Rural Community Resiliency and Youth Engagement Apprentice, an Organic Agriculture and Local Food Apprentice, and an Acadian Forest Restoration and Biodiversity Apprentice. Check out the full job descriptions for technical details and more nitty-gritty, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more details! The deadline to apply is April 25th.

Renewable Energy Apprentice:

We’re really excited about renewable energy technology. Alex Stocek is our Energy Coordinator, and he’s got some great initiatives in the pipeline. We’re currently retrofitting the main building at our demonstration site in Glassville to be more energy efficient (blog post to come!) and we’ve got the first Kohilo vertical axis wind turbine in Canada at our satellite office in Fredericton. You could be a major part of the wind turbine’s move to our demonstration site! You could also be involved in teaching the public about the awesome initiatives we’re undertaking, and you could come up with some renewable energy projects of your own. From solar panels to windmills to biodigestors, the sky’s limit when you work with us. You’d also get the opportunity to work with our other mentors, for some experience in fundraising, event planning, community building, organic agriculture, conservation, and education. Plus, it’s a summer job you can feel great about, as you help the planet move away from it’s dangerous fossil fuel dependency!

Rural Community Resiliency and Youth Engagement Apprentice:

The job title is a mouthful, but the position is incredibly important. Rural communities and their youth are too often forgotten in activism and leadership initiatives. As a rurally-based non-profit, we’ve got a responsibility to ensure that the voices of rural communities are heard loud and clear! Some our best and more innovative ideas come from rural, grassroots initiatives, especially when it comes to sustainability. You’d be reporting directly to our Education Coordinator, Holly Pacey, who’s got a lot of projects on-the-go! You’d be working directly with youth – delivering workshops and running clubs. You’d also be promoting events and initiatives that matter to rural communities, with direct exposure to mainstream media, social media, and other promotional strategies. On top of that awesome experience, you’d get to work with our other mentors on projects concerning renewable energy, conservation, and organic agriculture! Doesn’t that make you want to get started right away?

Organic Agriculture and Local Food Apprentice:

The smell of fresh topsoil and the satisfaction of a hard day’s work – that’s what you’d get out of this apprenticeship, and much more. For the past 17 years, FBC has maintained an organic garden and restoration orchard. While living in beautiful Glassville, NB for the summer, you’d be maintaining the gardens and harvesting the fresh produce and crops! You’d also be creating demonstrations and educational materials to help get the public excited about local food. Perhaps one of the best ways that we can increase the sustainability of our lifestyles is by growing our own food – plus, it ensures our food security. You’d be contributing by showing people that maintaining their own kitchen gardens isn’t a chore, but a joy! Plus, you’d have the opportunity to gain experience with our other mentors, learning about conservation, renewable energy, and community engagement. If you’ve got a green thumb and an open heart, this job is for you!

Acadian Forest Restoration and Biodiversity Apprentice:

The Acadian forest is a beautiful mix of deciduous and evergreen species, and provides rich and crucial habitat for many species. Due to years of over-harvesting by previous landowners, our property’s patch of old-growth forest needs some TLC. Plus, we’ve got a provincially designated wetland and a beautiful stretch of the Shiktehawk stream on our property! The variety of habitat is incredible, and we need someone who is passionate about conservation to catalogue habitat types and the species that use them. In this apprenticeship, you’d get the opportunity to work directly with a trained ecologist and our partner organizations (including Ducks Unlimited) on a variety of conservation projects, from aquatic species collections to forest restoration. You’d be working to ensure the protection of vital ecosystems and the homes of many quintessentially New Brunswick species. Plus, you’d get experience helping our other mentors with renewable energy projects, community building initiatives, and organic agriculture. If you’re a passionate and burgeoning ecologist, forester, or environmental scientist, we’d love to get to know you better.

Stay tuned to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more details and reminders, but don’t forget – applications are due April 25th!! Please send a resume, cover letter, and contact information for 3 references (all in a single .pdf!) to admin[at] We’re looking forward to working with you!

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