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What’s a Chickadee? #EquipTheKids

chickadeemaskThe Black-capped Chickadee (Poecile atricapillus) is New Brunswick’s provincial bird. It’s a small songbird, with a recognizable call of “chicka-dee-dee-dee-dee-dee”, however it also produces at least thirteen other complex vocalizations.

The chickadee is able to lower its body temperature during cold winter nights by as much as 10-12°C to avoid wasting valuable fat stores! Torpor of this nature is a fairly uncommon trait in birds.

They’re also known for their spatial memory skills and their consequent ability to retrieve food from caches throughout the barren winter months.

Most nature enthusiasts know that chickadees are some of the friendliest birds, tolerating human approach and contact far more than most other animals.

If we were able to take our at-risk youth on nature expeditions, they would learn about the chickadee from experience – watching them flit around campsites or feed out of our hands on a hike up Mount Carleton. Youth deserve to know the chickadee’s call from first-hand experience, without having read this post or listen to a sound clip on Wikipedia.

With your “chickadee” contribution of $25, our youth will be one step closer to hearing a chickadee, and we’ll be one step closer to teaching them the incredible value of nature through outdoor, experiential programming. In return, you’ll receive a subscription to our quarterly newsletter, a signed thank you card with artwork by a local artist, and a sticker to show your support! Check out our campaign to find out how to contribute and retrieve your perks. 


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